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The Amateur Astronomers Society of Voorhees hosts salons featuring guest artists, historians, scientists, collectors, and storytellers. Past participants include:

Chris Domenick
Courtney Young
Dr. Emily L. Rice
Jane Carver
Jess Willa Wheaton
JJ Manford
Jordon Schranz
Julie Opperman
Kiran Chandra
Patricia Dominguez
Rebecca Major
The Wernher Von Brown Club

Sadie Halie Projects (Brooklyn) was the site of the last salon on June 29th, 2013, co-curated by SHP's Jennie Ekstrand & Patrick Gantert. It brought together

Ariana Van Gelder
Nick Juravich
Lap Le
Jordon Schranz

and Emmy Catedral

an external project site:

Honorary Board of Directors

Clyde Tombaugh
Jean Painleve
Kidlat Tahimik
Isaac Aasimov
Plato Chan
Paul Scheerbart
Severo Sarduy
Venetia Burney
William Blake